Esaslıgrup Gıda performs production at hygienic conditions with advanced technology with its activities being performed in accordance with BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and Halal Production Standards in all stages from raw material acceptance to product shipment. The entire production process with a high level of food safety and traceability specialist staff providing internal and external training with the team to adopt a proactive working order are provided. Esaslıgrup actively monitors all domestic and abroad sector developments and supports its studies with scientific sources with membership to Campden BRI Food and Beverage Research Center located in England.

A bilateral dynamism is created by considering the entire supply chain as a partner from raw material selection to product distribution. All raw materials, semi-products and products are controlled in microbiology, chemical and physical analysis laboratories located within the factory and periodically in independent accredited laboratories. All activities are transferred into the quality software and food safety and quality management process is improved with customer feedbacks and independent external audits.

Legal requirements and ethical values that are at the forefront, has adopted a policy of continuous improvement of the understanding of "hygiene, safety, innovative ideas, sustainable development" are the indispensable value.


Esaslıgrup moves with the knowledge that good product cannot be acquired with bad raw material and ensures that all materials and services having impact on food safety and quality comply with requirements. All suppliers are approved after being subjected to audit and supplier assessment results are regularly controlled.

Origin information of all supply materials from packaging tape to meat is controlled and Certificates of Conformity are requested from suppliers in accordance with laws. R&D, Procurement and Quality Assurance Units are working within the process in a coordinated way for improving existing raw materials and supplying alternatives.

Microbiology, chemical and physical control laboratory results within the factory are periodically verified in the accredited independent laboratories and our laboratory equipments are regularly calibrated for performing safe measurements.