Cold Chain

Being used for the raw materials and products that should be maintained frozen in particular, the term cold chain can be defined as storage and dispatch of a product at the appropriate degree during all phases from the producer to the consumer. It may act as a negative impact on human health if there is a serious break at any point of this chain leading to loss of the properties of the product and quality. Therefore, even if the entire production process is applied correctly, the slight mistake in storage and dispatch might cause the product to be unavailable for consumption. Esaslıgrup performs all shipping and delivery process using food as temperature records in our warehouse delivery vehicle temperature records in the data-logger being followed online on the web. Tools of logistics companies as well as the support we receive from our shipment vehicles are also used. In addition to all legal regulations, we expect unconditional compliance with the food safety rules set by our company as well as our customers. It is also under the control of our factory to distribute the products from the warehouse of the dealer to the end customers as they are transferred by refrigerated vehicles free from humidity and odour. 

Frozen products should be stored and carried at minimum -18 °C as well as fresh food should not exceed 0/+4°C temperatures for keeping them healthy and fresh during their shelf lives.